President’s Message

Dear members;

   As you know, we had an election process on Saturday, November 12. With your favor, we became the leading party in this election and the color discrimination ended for us at that moment. Our color is now red and white.

   After receiving our mandate, we held our first Board of Directors and Assembly meeting. The decisions we took unanimously and in harmony both in our Board of Directors and at the assembly meeting afterwards gave us hope that the coming days will pass in the same harmony. In the process so far, we have completed the elections of many boards and commissions. Now is the time to serve you. It is time to work to keep the promise that tradesmen, traders and industrialists will win, which we often say. We aspire to this task to carry our Chamber, you and our region further. I would like to repeat once again the promise I made at the handover ceremony, ‘If you are in the same place yesterday and today, you are at a loss’. We always have to work harder to get better and reach further. I have told this to my teammates many times, You don't have to be under the roof of this Chamber. This is not your luxury because no one compelled us to do this. However, if we aspire to be a servant under this roof, we have to be perfect. November 12 is not the last stop, it is a date when the promises we made to us will be remembered and reminded. We will work together day and night to bring this great potential in the region, which is one of the biggest production bases of Turkey, to the potential we want in trade as well. No one should not have any doubt that we will be a Chamber that supports each other, shoulder to shoulder with tradesmen, merchants and industrialists.

   In our industrial base, where the leading industrial establishments of our country are located and one of the regions with the highest employment rate, without ignoring the contributions of our companies to our country's economy with their exports, we will be the biggest supporter of our region's tradesmen to be preferred in intermediate products by bringing together the valuable tradesmen of our region with our industrialists. In addition, we will win together with trainings, events, fairs, business trips abroad. While our chamber strives for the advancement of our members, we will also stand by every project that will add value to our region and country.

   Distinguished Members, before I end my words, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Chairman of the Board of Directors and their management, our esteemed council members and you, our esteemed members, who have served our members and our region until today. In addition, I would like to thank all of our friends who congratulated us by sms, congratulated us by calling, sent flowers, and came to visit us since the first day we took office.