Project Actvities

Çerkezköy AB Projesi

This project is funded by the European Union.

Çerkezköy AB Projesi

1. Kick-off and Road Map Workshop: The Project partners will come together for the opening meeting to take place in Çerkezköy to discuss the project roadmap and the detailed content activities and give it its last shape.

  • The project will be presented to the representative target group, final beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • The main themes of the project will be discussed by experts and the participants.
  • The first opinions and attitudes of the participants to the Project and event will be clarified.

2. Updating and Renewing a detailed need analysis for the members of chambers and Çerkezköy CCI: An online survey will be conducted among the chambers to make an analysis of their needs and expectations. Depth survey for Çerkezköy CCI will be conducted to update and renew for a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, needs and expectation. A final report will be produces as a need analysis report.

  • Current opinions and attitudes of the Çerkezköy CCI members will be analysed.
  • The results will allow Çerkezköy CCI to be aware of current situation, needs and problems as well as demands to design and prepare new projects accordingly.

3. Creation of Delegations for Visits on Determined Sectors and Matchmaking Event: 10 people representing different sectors both in Turkey and Greece will be participating at the matchmaking event.

  • The representatives will be brought together to build up relationships.
  • Knowledge and experiences sharing will be held under the structured umbrella.

4. Capacity Buildings Activities for Çerkezköy CCI: A job shadowing activity will be organized for 2 staff from Çerkezköy CCI for 2 weeks in Drama CCI. A help desk for SMEs will also be established for capacity building.

  • The institutional capacity of Çerkezköy CCI will improve.
  • The sustainability of the project at institutional and policy levels will be strengthened.

5. A Joint Network Meeting and Study Visit to Brussels: The study visit will be 4-days event, that the delegation will meet with different actors from different type of organizations, platforms, and institutions.

  • The awareness and knowledge of the participants will improve
  • A communication platform will be established between the actors in Brussels and representatives of Project partners.

6. Development of Services and Training for Members: The SME Transformation and Development Program is designed to support SMEs to be internationally oriented, financially strong companies and achieve sustainable growth.

  • Participants will be given the option to continue the dialogue with their facilitators on the actual implementation of their business and financial activities a second round helpdesk service. This helpdesk service will furthermore support continuous networking among participants and they will be encouraged to interact and share experiences after the end of the trainings.

7. Closing Event: A closing event with the participation of 50 people will be organized at the end of the Project. The event will be part of the dissemination and visibility activities.

This publication was prepared with financial support of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. This publication is solely responsible for the content of Cerkezkoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry and this content in any way reflect the views of the European Union or the Republic of Turkey.

Çerkezköy AB Projesi